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4 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses That Really Work

It’s a common misconception that yoga only works for relaxation and de-stressing. While it has proven for centuries how effective it is in soothing the soul, healing the body, and calming the mind, more and more people are discovering its fat-burning capabilities.

Most yoga poses may seem simple but are in fact considered by fitness experts as a great way to burn calories. Moreover, it’s really interesting to note that the calorie-burning power of yoga draws from the fact that it engages the body in a muscle rebuilding process. A process which requires energy from fat that we have stored in our bodies!

To help get you started on incorporating yoga to your regular fitness routine, here are 4 of our most favorite fat-burning yoga poses!


Start off every session with this great warm-up pose as it works to stretch the body, build up internal heat, stimulate the core, and get it ready for practice!


As we spend all our time standing or seated upright, inversion poses in yoga serve to balance out blood circulation by switching up the body’s usual position. In effect, poses such as the downward-facing dog improves not only digestion and strength but also our metabolism and respiratory system.


A great way to strengthen your core, plank for increasing amounts of time daily and observe how it improves your overall strength. Don’t forget to breathe through it though!


Another great inversion pose, the shoulder stand works similarly like the downward-facing dog but it takes it to a whole new level by improving upper body strength by way of strengthening the core.

With these basic poses, we’re sure that you’ll find that yoga, more than just a way to shed off extra weight, is something that can prove lifechanging! Reap the benefits of this age-old fitness routine by hitting the mat today!

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