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4 Ways To Wear Printed Leggings

4 Ways To Wear Printed Leggings


Ok, so real style is never really a matter of right or wrong – it's a matter of being yourself on purpose.  

The idea behind the designs at NiftyLooks is to promote individuality. Fashion shouldn’t have to be dull, and black shouldn’t have to be the so-called ‘smart’ color either.  

NiftyLooks are about setting trends not following them!

If you are new to leggings or don’t know where to start then we have pieced together 4 outfit ideas to help inspire you to get the most out of your new wardrobe swagger!

The dress up look

Having a loud pair of leggings is a super way to start an outfit for an evening, event or night out! They can act as your statement piece and really jazz up any outfit which needs a bit of a kick.

For this look, you will need your favorite pair of NiftyLooks to start, be it the Dreamcatcher Space leggings or the Native Pride Indian Face leggings.

Using the leggings as your base, wear with a cowl neck top and an oversized blazer. Keep your footwear plain ideally to keep all the attention on the statement leggings.

Rock n Roll Chic

One of our favorite looks to use our leggings for has to be the rock chic look. Obviously we are fond of this trend, which is why we have such an awesome range of skull prints. Anyway, this look is super fun to pull together and will have you feeling effortlessly cool.

All you need is a pair of skull or flame print leggings, for this look we have gone with the Make-Up And Guns leggings.

Wear them with some biker style boots or heeled Chelsea boots. A plain tee will do for this or any other top of your choice. Grab your fave leather jacket and aviator sunglasses and you will have a totally rocking look.

The serious gym bunny

Are you serious about working out? What better way to watch and feel your muscles contracting than by wearing the Muscle Leggings? Not for the faint hearted these show stoppers are the perfect accessories to your leg day training. Pair them with your trusty trainers and gym vest and you are good to go! Easy or what? Pay attention to the detailing on the muscle and learn about your anatomy as you train.

Girly and gorgeous

If you want to look pretty or just have a nice little twist to your usual day wear then NiftyLooks leggings are perfect. For an effortlessly girly and gorgeous look why not wear the Mermaid Lime leggings for an unconventional twist on the average polka dot look. Pair with a cute top and cardigan and you will feel as good as you look!

Whatever your style and taste you can wear your leggings every day for a whole host of different occasions. They are versatile, adaptable and most of all stylish and comfortable!

What more could you want from one of your favorite fashion pieces?

Visit the NiftyLooks website if you deserve to look good and be a super woman.