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5 reasons you need to live in your leggings!

Ladies, we understand your need to be comfortable in your daily life!

How much do we all love those trusty pair of trousers or joggers to slouch around in, train in or run errands in? 

Same goes for all you gym-addicts out there, we know you have your fave pair of gym leggings…

The only problem with all of this is DULL Gym wear often reigns supreme, featuring very depressing blacks, greys and darker hues that serve to kill inspiration and make you feel as “flat” as your block color of choice.

It's about time you upped your game and realized that you need some color in your life!

Leggings are the way forward when it comes to comfortable fashion so let’s go through the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t go a day longer without owning a pair of NiftyLooks leggings.

1. Working out – in STYLE!

Add a splash of your personality to your gym wardrobe with a pair of vibrant leggings to work out in.

If you look good you will feel good and if you feel good, you will be motivated to totally smash your workout.

NiftyLooks leggings have got you covered! They are squat-proof, lunge-proof and cardio proof.

Don’t worry about hitting those heavy weights and big squats because the leggings will stand the test of time and survive through an endless score of reps.

Whether you want to be a mermaid for your workout or a skull and roses kinda gal, you can take comfort in the top-quality moisture-wicking, fast-drying, breathable 4-way stretch fabric!

 2Add some SASS to even the most boring outfits 

A pair of seriously sassy leggings can make any outfit!

If all you have in your wardrobe is a series of plain t-shirts and block colors then pop on your leggings and you will have a compliment-worthy outfit ready in an instant!

You can even pair them with some killer heels and BAM you have an evening outfit sorted.

She who dares WINS.

3. Beautiful Body Sculpting

Our leggings really do hug you in all the right places.

They sculpt the contours of your silhouette giving you a firm shape. With a good shape comes confidence! Feeling good, you’ll be walking with a spring in your step!

The leggings are constructed of 82% polyester and 18% spandex, making them lightweight and flexible. Your movement isn’t restricted in anyway shape or form so you can perform all the activities you are used to whilst feeling nice and taught. 

4. Comfort and style all in one

If you are having one of those days that involves just lounging around then the NiftyLooks leggings lightweight material will ensure you are cozy and comfortable when you need it most.

From just chilling, watching Netflix, to walking the dog or even god forbid, doing the housework your leggings will keep you feeling super comfortable and completely unrestricted.

5. Hassle free

Don’t be afraid to over-use your leggings because they really can take it. Go ahead, use and abuse them because they will stand the test of time.

They are perfect for everything from yoga and weight lifting to retail therapy and lunch dates.

Wear them as often as you like because the durable material is fade-resistant, even after washing. 
The innovative combination of materials also ensures that your leggings hold their shape, resist wrinkling, and dry quickly- perfect for the active woman. 

Haven’t got a pair of NiftyLooks in your wardrobe? How have you gone on for so long without them!

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