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How To Choose & Wear Printed Custom Made Leggings

How To Choose & Wear Printed Custom Made Leggings

How To Choose & Wear Printed Custom Made Leggings

Patterned Leggings? mmmh It’s hard to think of ‘leggings’ without automatically associating them with a pink spandex clad Olivia Newton-John singing “Physical”. While those 80’s style leggings are still freshly scarred into our memory, in reality, leggings have been around for centuries (think Henry the VIII or those legging-clad Italians of the Renaissance).

A quick flick through a glossy mag or a glance down the main street is proof enough that leggings have made a comeback in 2018 - and in a big way. It’s no wonder; they’re comfortable, adaptable and, when worn correctly, very flattering. For many of us, they’re a key part of our wardrobe.

Want to learn the secret to pulling off the look? Check out a few hard and fast rules below.

Cardinal Rules For Leggings:

The Goldie-Locks Effect: Leggings shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Just right.
Leggings are not, I repeat, not the same as pants. They are best worn as part of a layered outfit. If you venture out with leggings and a tee-shirt, people will wonder where rest of your outfit is. A stylish top with accessories such as a belt is one thing; a sloppy tee is another thing entirely. Think layers.

Match the style of your leggings with your footwear. Low ankle boots and ballet flats all look great. Leggings can walk a fine line between haute couture and trash so just be aware of what you pair it with - because it can change the look entirely.

How To Work Leggings According To Your Body Shape

Leggings are not to be feared. Contrary to popular belief it actually doesn’t matter what your body type is, all shapes and sizes can wear them. That’s right, you heard me! Just check out these tips to ensure you look your best.

If you’re curvy
If you’re just starting out and feeling a little uncertain just stick to monochromatic colors such as black. It’s safe, stylish and versatile. Once you’re feeling a bit braver introduce some leggings of different colors. Want more flair? Try a pattern, but only wear it on the bottom or top, never both. Tunics or a dress that stop mid-thigh (or just below) and belted at the waist will draw attention to the smallest part of your figure. Avoid tops or tunics that sit on your butt or just below as this draws your eye to the widest part of your body.

If you’re pear shaped
A classic pear shape looks great with plain leggings and a tunic dress. Think bright colors and bold patterns on top – you want to lift the eye upward and create balance. Once again, make sure that tunic doesn’t sit across your butt or just below.

If you’re petite
You want to help create the illusion of height, so stick to leggings and shoes that are monochromatic as this will give the impression of length. Try pairing a nice pair of black riding boots with simple black leggings.

If you’re tall
Show those pins off! If you have a dress or skirt that’s just a bit too short then leggings are the way to go. You can afford to be bold with patterns on top and bottom so take advantage and be adventurous. If you’re a bit self-conscious of your height then leggings look great with simple flats like ballet flats and low-heeled boots.

Hypnotic Dream Leggings

Want to make a statement? Why not up the ante with Hypnotic dream leggings that hypnotize your admirers. The coloring of these makes it easy to pair with a variety of styles, from black tops to black shirts.

3D Muscle Leggings

Check out these sexy and vibrant 3D Muscle leggings  These beauties will transform you into the Hulk, but the blue version :). Perfect for everyday activities and matches with tops and white sneakers.  Available in XS-XL for all body types. 

Vibrant Candy Skull Leggings

Dare to be different and unique. These fabulous candy skull leggings are not for the faint-hearted. Make a statement when you step out in this super cool design pattern. (Many of our customers have reported a huge surge of compliments when wearing these)

Blue Dazzling Mermaid Leggings

Put on these and you'll feel the Mer-magic flow through your legs. These leggings just look so fabulous on and the feel of the material makes you wanna take a swim in the ocean. These are perfect to have in your everyday life with some light colored tops and shirts combined with sneakers, or why not heels

Day Of the Dead Leggings

Can’t get enough of Day of the Dead…why not wear it! These mandala inspired, multicolored dia de los muertos leggings are a real statement piece. Perfect for your yoga class or your heavy squats!


Do you feel more confident on how to choose and wear unique printed leggings?  Don't miss out to check out our entire range of custom hand-made leggings.