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How To Look Fabulous In Your Leggings After 30!


With a little bit of help from the NiftyLooks Style Team, we came up with a handy style guide that will inspire you with the many different ways that you can wear your leggings in chic and wearable fashion! 

What’s even great about this exclusive NiftyLooks Style Guide is that you can print and post it somewhere near your closet or save it on your phone for whenever you’re running out of outfit ideas! 

From classic ensembles to the more trendier ones, you’re guaranteed to become a more STYLISH, SEXY, and CONFIDENT version of yourself with these easy-to-copy fashion styles!


Elevated Festival Fashion

A summer outfit that draws inspiration from the hottest festival looks

What you’ll need: A crop top, vibrant printed leggings like the Mandala collection from NiftyLooks, and a cool oversized jacket. 

When to wear it: An ideal look for the warmer seasons, the elevated festival look is a go-to outfit when you know that you’re going somewhere casual! As suggested by the term, it also makes for a stylish concert look that’s both sexy and cool. 

If you’re one to enjoy dressing up wherever you go, the look also makes for a cute and sexy ensemble when doing groceries or errands! Playful as it is fashion forward, this outfit can also take you easily from Saturday brunch with your girlfriends all the way to a fun girl’s night out!

Pro-tip: The festival look constantly evolves with each passing trend but leggings have always been a summer staple! Wear it with a trendy oversized jacket to provide a stylish contrast to the leggings’ sleek silhouette.


 The Girlboss

A powerful, polished yet feminine look that lets you take command of any situation in style! 

What you’ll need: A button down shirt, an open coat/cardigan, leggings in dark color tones, and thigh-high boots.

When to wear it: A popular look among the most stylish and influential women to walk the streets of the world, this ensemble proves the true versatility of leggings! A fancier alternative to the skinny jeans, leggings are an easy choice when you want to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit!

With that said, this look is perfect for classes, meetings, presentations, and other moments in your life wherein you need to dress the part of a strong and independent woman!

Pro-tip: Heading somewhere cool after work? Switch up your open coat or cardigan for an outerwear piece that’s more youthful and of-the-moment. Say, a cropped denim jacket? Or perhaps a satin bomber jacket! It’s that easy to modify this look to take you from formal to sharp casual!


Street Style Vixen

Characterized by an effortless approach to dressing up, the secret to acing the street style look is embody a carefree vibe and an understated touch of sexiness!

What you’ll need: An oversized top in a luxe fabric, sleek leggings like these ombre ones from NiftyLooks, and combat boots or sneakers, 90’s inspired sunglasses

When to wear it: You can actually sport this ensemble anytime and anywhere! Dress it up with a blazer or dress it down with a sporty bomber jacket. Like the other looks in this style guide, this one is as versatile as can be. So much so that you can wear it to just about any occasion that doesn’t have a strictly formal dress code.

Think move night? Weekend shopping with your BFFs.... Meeting your boyfriend’s parents? A road trip? The list goes on! Cool and casual yet oozing with confidence, this look is guaranteed to draw attention to you from all the right people!

Pro-tip: Whether you’re going on a hot date this weekend or heading downtown for to unwind after a long week, easily channel this celeb-approved street style look by pairing your leggings with an athletic chic top, and some trendy sneakers. 


Athleisure Queen

Gone are the days when it was considered a sin to be caught in your gym attire! Bless the heavens for gifting us with the athleisure trend which combines understated sophistication with sporty sensibilities.

What you’ll need: Leggings of course!! Take your pick from the wide range of designs we have over at the store, jacket, and a sleek and neutral-hued sports bra.

When to wear it: Given the immense popularity of athleisure fashion, it has given us free pass to enjoy lounging fabulously in this comfortable yet sexy ensemble!

Pro-tip: Sleek and tight-fitting, an easy way to down play all that appeal is by sporting an oversized jacket! Throw on a retro beret for a trendy and modish vibe.

And that’s a wrap! We hope that you enjoyed browsing through the Nifty Style Guide! What we love most about this handy guide is that it’s something that you can return to anytime you need a little fashion pick-me-upper. With that said, we are super happy that we came up with something that will serve as a really useful style tool for a lot of women! 

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