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“Mandalas” Are the Hottest Thing in Fashion Right Now

We can’t help but notice how popular mandalas are right now among the most stylish celebs and trendsetters!

A sacred geometric pattern used in some religions to establish a holy space or facilitate meditation, a mandala which is a Sanskrit term which means “circle” or “completion” commonly features repetitive patterns that are complex and intricately beautiful. Said to bear the power to reduce anxiety and increase positive feelings among some, it is no wonder that it’s so well-loved among designers and fashion brands lately. And it seems like the trend is here to stay!

Vibrant and relaxing, mandala prints in clothing is a great way to provide symmetry and character to any ensemble! Not only that, but each unique mandala is said to bring forth a particular energy and vibration for its carrier or wearer.

Depending on the color, mandalas can draw the following blessings:

  • Orange – creativity and self-awareness
  • Red – passion, strength and energy
  • Pink – love
  • Yellow – wisdom and laughter
  • Purple – spirituality
  • Blue – emotional health and well-being
  • White – concentration
  • Black – deep thoughts
  • Green – love for nature

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