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Why you should get your hands on a pair of meggings STAT!

Meggings – yes, you read that right – as in leggings for men! The hottest new trend to take men’s apparel by storm, meggings are finally getting the recognition that they deserve. And for all the right reasons! Meggings have been the subject of jeers and sneers since they were conceived but the tides have turned as more and more men realize the wonders of meggings.

We get it, it’s new, it’s intimidating, and downright murky territory. But after burning through this list, we are confident that we’ll have you convinced to get your very own meggings ASAP.



Real men take risks

Gone are the days when masculinity is measured by mediocrity but more so in having the b*lls to try new things. Designed for risk takers, go-getters, but certainly not for the weak of heart, meggings are the new status of boldness.

They are comfy AF!

Size up or wear them in true fit, it doesn’t matter, meggings will completely change the way you know comfort! Whereas skinny jeans are notoriously known for being restrictive and uncomfortable, the best quality meggings are lightweight, breathable and will keep up with your every move no matter where you go and what you do.


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Swagger for days

Unlike any other pants, meggings have the widest array of designs, prints, and patterns that will go well with anything. Style a pair of dark colored meggings with a sleek button down shirt or style them down with an oversized shirt and it will easily take you from the hippest and most happening bars to the coolest and most exclusive after parties downtown!

A kind of support that men really need 

When it all comes down to it, only meggings can provide you with the support that you really need. Most especially if you’re the type that leads a very active lifestyle. From running, lifting, MMA-training, yoga, what have you, meggings is your new best friend as it will help you keep your junk safe and snug. 


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All eyes on you

Love the attention? Just imagine the possibilities of walking into a bar and looking all badass in your meggings. Easily a conversation starter among gorgeous creatures of all shapes and sizes, meggings will be your ticket to fame! 

Man, life’s too short. Be bold, be daring, and don't be afraid to live loud! Meggings, just like anything, aren’t for everyone, but that shouldn't stop you from giving them a shot! Not only are they functional as hell, they are comfy beyond imagination, and gives you a confidence boost like no other.

Now that you’re ready, all you need is choose the best one for ya! A US-based athleisure brand that specializes in premium quality leggings and other athletic apparel, Niftylooks offers an insane variety of meggings to choose from!